A look inside
Japan's railway system.


The Challenge

Improving Japan’s
railway and commuting system.

Japan’s rail transportation is known as one of the most complex systems in the world. Carrying more than two million people per day, the rail system demands a fast and easy way for people to use it. Their rechargeable contactless cards have been around since 2001 and are the secret for Japan’s smooth commuting.



The Pasmo card.

The Pasmo is a rechargeable contactless card that can be used to pay fares on public transportation, make payments at restaurants, vending machines, convenience stores and pretty much any shop that accepts contactless payments.
The transaction is done by simply placing the Pasmo card on the IC Reader.

The Problem

Nothing much changed
in the recent years...

This technology has been around for 15 years and little improvements have been done. People still need to rely on ticket machines at train stations to recharge their cards, to pay their monthly commuter pass and check transactions.


A new application
with three main features.


Home Screen

Quick overview of your transactions.

Check the current balance of your Pasmo card, get a daily, weekly or monthly overview of your transactions and easily access the three main features of the Pasmo application right from the home screen.


Secure payments with Touch ID.

In order to secure your payments, the Touch ID will be prompt when you need to make a transaction. Simply place your phone near the IC Reader with your finger on the Touch ID. Your transaction will be confirmed within seconds.


Easy access to all your transactions.

Get a full view of all your expenses, fare rates on public transportation and your Pasmo recharges. The information is organized by month, day and time which makes it easy to get a sense of your spendings.


Check and export your receipts.

Get detailed information about your transactions, including items and prices. You can also export the receipts to your favorite applications.


Apple Pay makes it simple.

Easily add money to your Pasmo with Apple Pay. All you have to do is enter the desired amount and confirm your transaction with Touch ID. It couldn’t be any simpler.


Also available
for the Apple Watch.


Interactive Prototypes

How the application works.