Empowering and connecting
home cooks around the world.

Empowering and connecting home cooks around the world.


Side Project

Side Project


Product Design

Product Design


Art Direction, UX Design

Art Direction, UX Design

Foody is a side project with the goal to inspire people to cook more. It’s hard to manage our busy schedules and the fast pace of life makes it hard to dedicate the time to learn. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of home-cooked meals, but getting started is usually the hardest part. I wanted to create an app that can help people get inspired, learn about new recipes and engage in a community with the same goals.

Recipes for you.

The discover page is where you find content targeted for you, based on the recipes you liked and the categories you’re interested in.

Recipe details.

Each recipe has it’s own step-by-step video, ingredients list and nutritional information to help you getting started more easily.

Cooking mode.

Cooking Mode helps you follow along while you’re cooking. Each step has its own short video and allows you to follow along without the need to read.

Custom search.

Foody allows you to discover new recipes by simply searching with the ingredients you like or have available with you at home.

Follow along with your Apple Watch.

For a more seamless experience, you can follow directions on your Apple Watch as well. Set timers and get notified when your food is ready.

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Keeping your game library

in one single app.

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Let’s work together

Let’s work together